Saving money sucks. I don’t know about you, but whenever I get a paycheck I get that pesky devil on my shoulder whispering, “Blow it all”, “You really need a life-size Iron-Man suit”, or “BUY EVERYONE AT THE BAR A DRINK YOU BALLER”.

Just me? Anyways…

I’m not the best at managing money, but at the same time, I understand that living paycheck to paycheck is a recipe for never retiring- so we need a solution. I started using a few apps to help me save some pesos here and there as well as manage my non-existent budget. You can check em out below! If there are any apps or websites that you’ve used to help you spend a little less, comment below and let me know.


Mint is the first money management application I ever downloaded. It’s both hugely insightful and depressing. Insightful because you plug in your bank information and it gives you a visual representation of where your money is going. Depressing because you plug in your bank information and it gives you a visual representation of where your money is going.

It was tough to see how much I spend on eating out and all my recurring expenses like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Hard truths aside, Mint is definitely a must when you’re trying to get your financial life together.


I freaking love Acorns. It’s so satisfying to watch your money pile up and know that it’s automatically invested for you. Acorns is an app you can plug your card information into when you’ve connected your card and the app- it rounds up on all your purchases and deposits the balance into an account. What I mean by “rounds up on all your purchases”, is that if you buy something for $4.75, it rounds up to $5.00 and deposits $0.25 cents into an account which is then invested into stocks and funds of your choice. It’s a great way to save money because, well, honestly you forget its even happening. There’s no better feeling than completely forgetting about acorns only to open the app a few months later and see you’ve got a sizable investment portfolio going.


I’ve tried using a bunch of different coupon sites in my day. 99% of the time the coupon codes I get are invalid and won’t actually save me anything. It’s frustrating because you end up wasting so much damn time on looking for codes that don’t end up working. The reason I like Honey is that it’s a Chrome Plugin. You don’t have to search through some site and look for coupon codes that apply to your purchase: just install Honey into your web browser and every time you checkout on an eCommerce store, it lets you know what valid coupon codes are out there. It’s really easy, and in the past couple of years of using it, it’s never given me an invalid code.

All of these apps are so easy and effortless to use, you’re practically doing yourself a disservice by not using them. Download them and give them a try. Don’t forget to let me know what you think about them! 

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