We’ve all seen those makeup commercials, flaunting their products as the best on the market, combined with an astronomical price that makes you wonder “Why does beauty have to be so expensive?” Products like MAC, Too Faced, Mary Kay, Urban Decay, and more are so ridiculously expensive that by the time you buy all the essentials, you worry about checking your bank account until next payday. But although their prices might make one think it’s a matter of quality over quantity, this isn’t always the case. There are a ton of makeup brands that aren’t only a fair deal cheaper than their counterpart, but give you the same, if not better, look than those that cost double (if not triple) digits. It’s completely possible to look beautiful on a budget.


ColourPop proves time and time again that you don’t have to spend a chunk of your paycheck on eye shadow palettes. They have palettes as low as $12 and as high as $22. Far cheaper than other products that reach triple digits for their eye shadow. Not only are they cheap, but their colors are absolutely beautiful with amazing quality for their price. ColourPop also has liquid lipsticks that give your lips a pop and their foundation makes your skin look radiant.

Black Radiance

Inclusion and diversity are two concepts big brands love to brag about, but hardly offer foundation shades darker than tan. Black Radiance actually cares about diversity when it comes to their makeup line. They offer a full, expansive line of makeup, especially for people of color. And their products are affordable rarely going over $8. You don’t have to go to the big, expensive brands and spend the money for a foundation that matches your skin tone. Black Radiance has any and all products for your needs, all made especially for rich, deep skin tones.

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics are extremely cheap and full of color. And I mean FULL of color. Just looking at the eyeshadow palettes will make you fall in love. For the price of their makeup, which is anywhere from two to twelve bucks, it’s great quality we can all get behind. Their lip liners stay on all day, and their eyeshadows go on with ease. BH cosmetics has a wide variety of quality products, giving you everything you need for an affordable price.


Maybelline is one of those brands that I find extremely underrated. For a cosmetics company that has been around for a while with cheap prices, it’s a wonder to me why more people don’t choose their products first. For one, their mascara works absolute wonders on your lashes, giving them that long lash look that makes people wonder if you had them professionally done. And secondly, their lipsticks stay on for hours, giving them the pop they so deserve. They have just about every shade, and the shine is impeccable. Maybelline also has many different shades and tones within their foundations and concealers, making it easy to match your skin tone.

Under these brands, you can find most of their products under $10, allowing you to achieve that “expensive makeup” look for an incredibly affordable price. Don’t hurt your wallet for big prices, beauty never has to be expensive.

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