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  • Saving Money On Holiday Grocery Shopping

    The holidays are one of our favorite times of the year. Family and friends gathering around to share gifts and joy, it’s damn adorable. The one thing that doesn’t enjoy the holidays, however, is my bank account. Whether it’s gifts for the family or groceries to feed the army that…

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  • Furnishing Your Home on a Budget

    Moving is the worst. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time homeowner or a renter venturing into a new city, the moving process is arduous and expensive. You’re spending your time packing up all of your precious belongings, money on boxes, movers (if they’re in the budget), and furnishing your new…

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  • Decorating Your Home on a Budget

    Most of us had that grandiose dream of getting to one day decorate our own home. At least, I know I did. Maybe I looked at one too many home décor magazines in my youth. You move into a new place and immediately think of the possibilities that can be…

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You Don’t Have to Spend MAC Money to Get the MAC Look: Beauty on a Budget

We’ve all seen those makeup commercials, flaunting their products as the best on the market, combined with an astronomical price that makes you wonder “Why does beauty have to be so expensive?” Products like MAC, Too Faced, Mary Kay, Urban Decay, and more are so ridiculously expensive that by the time you buy all the essentials, you worry about checking your bank account until next payday.