Most of us had that grandiose dream of getting to one day decorate our own home. At least, I know I did. Maybe I looked at one too many home décor magazines in my youth. You move into a new place and immediately think of the possibilities that can be done. Until you realize that one single throw pillow costs $30. It can be a sort of dream killer. After first months rent, a security deposit, and all those affiliated expenditures that come with moving, affording those fancy decorations seem impossible. But don’t give up hope yet. Decorating on a budget is totally doable, you just have to get a little creative.

DIY Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be quite expensive and time-consuming when it’s all said and done. You spend a great deal of time finding the right one for your walls and measuring out how much you’ll need, and even more time if you decide to cut a cost by doing it all yourself. But rather than buying expensive wallpaper and paying someone to do it for you, find some stencils you love and paint the walls instead. It gives your walls a fresh new look and design without the hassle of wallpaper. You also won’t have to worry about the wear and tear that comes along with wallpaper after years have gone by.

Crates into Bookshelves

Bookshelves are wonderful decorations for the house, because not only can you showcase that you have the ability to read great finds, but you can put other nice decorations along with the books. But rather than going out and buying expensive shelves, go to grocery stores or farmers markets and ask for their fruit crates. Most grocery stores will give you their old crates for free, or you can find them super cheap. They definitely spice up the feel of your home and make for great décor.

Bottle Displays

Bottle displays are super underrated in terms of decorations, and extremely easy to get your hands on if you already buy wine or liquor. Not only do you get to drinks the contents out of the bottle, but you get beautiful décor out of it once you’re done. Wash the bottle out when the contents are gone, and run the bottle (or leave in the sink) under warm water to wash away the labels. Then you can either get fake flowers to put inside time-consuming or real ones if you’re feeling extra fancy. Either way, they can be used as beautiful centerpieces, or placed around the house.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to show that you’re a grown-up, because obviously, only grownups have throw pillows. But rather than finding beautiful throw pillows in the stores, buy the cover and pillow separately. You can buy small pillows for just a couple bucks, and the covers online for another couple dollars. Some on Amazon even sell for a couple quarters. So rather than buying those fancy ones in the store that cost you an arm and leg—especially if you want multiple for the couch and bed—definitely get the covers separately. You’ll be amazing at what you can find!

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