We’ve all done it before. Don’t feel ashamed. 

We’ve all scoured the internet for “Gifts for Gamers” articles to try and find the perfect gift for our hubbies, children, and friends. 

Further, we’ve all seen the look of disappointment on gift recipients faces when they receive their generic gifts that don’t really have anything to do with the games or systems they like to play. Believe it or not, “Gaming” is a gigantic and nearly all-encompassing category. Gamers can be into sports games like Madden or NBA 2k. They can be into shooters like Cal of Duty, or even Battle Royale games like Fortnite and Creative Destruction. 

People who enjoy sports games, are sometimes completely different in personality and taste from those who play shooters or fighting games. In this article, we’re going to look at some popular games and game genres, and figure out what the person you want to buy a gift for is going to enjoy based on their game of choice. 

Let’s start with the biggest one out there, the word on every middle schoolers mind across the world, Fortnite. 


I won’t lie, I’m starting with Fortnite because I myself (much like millions of middle schoolers across the world) am a gamer who loves Fortnite. Here are some of the gifts I would personally love to get revolving around the game. 

Professional Fortnite Video Course (Age: 12 – 32)

This course made by the people at LVLUP Dojo, and available on Udemy, is made by one of the top players in the game. It covers everything from overall strategy to what to do in certain sticky situations. It comes with several activities for you to practice so you can start making your way to the pro league.

Stuffed Llama/Llama Piñata (8 – 32)

I’m a grown man, but I’ll be dammed if I don’t want one of those cute plush Llamas to put on my desk. I don’t know what it is, it just makes me happy. Check out “Fortnite Llama” on Amazon to see the options available. 

Check out “Fortnite Llama” on Amazon

Fortnite Themed Clothing (Age: Timeless) 

I scoured the rows of Amazon listings for Fortnite clothing to find this, glorious crew neck sweatshirt. If your Fortnite player isn’t thrilled with receiving this he/she needs to turn their game in.

glorious crew neck sweatshirt

Chug Jug Drink Coozies

Make drinking whatever canned beverages you usually drink a little more entertaining with these Chug Jug inspired can sleeves. They keep your drink cold, and make you feel like you can heal to max health and shield in just over 10 seconds! 

Chug Jug inspired can sleeves


These gifts are for your favorite child, we don’t waste these on second favorites. T-shirts and plush toys are fun gifts, but for the serious gamer who’s looking to really improve his or her gameplay and take gaming to the next level, check out some of these larger ticket items. 

GAMES IN THIS CATEGORY: Fortnite, Call of Duty, Player Unknown Battleground, Far Cry, Battlefield, Creative Destruction, H1Z1. 

SCUF Controllers 

If the person you’re buying a gift for someone who plays on Console (Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch), then chances are they know what a SCUF controller is. SCUF has made a name for itself by making the most used controller used by professional gamers. It comes with paddles behind the standard controller which allow players to set additional buttons to be set to these paddles. This means that when before, a player had to press A, aim, and shoot, all with the same hand/fingers— now they can hit a paddle to jump to keep their right hand free to aim while in the air. This might sound frivolous to someone who doesn’t play, but it’s a game changer for the avid player. 

Better yet, you can customize SCUF controllers completely, choosing whatever color or design you’d like. You can make your own controller or buy a pre-made one on the SCUF website. 

SCUF controllers are great for anyone who plays shooter or battle royale games. This means if you’re shopping for someone who loves Fortnite, Call of Duty, PUBG, Battlefield, or Halo – this is the right choice for them. 

ASTRO Gaming Headset

Something you don’t learn about until you’re pretty deep into the gaming world is the power of audio in video games. When you’re playing a competitive game like Call of Duty, the sound of someones footsteps around the corner may be the only heads up you get before a battle begins— getting a good audio set up is crucial to playing at a professional tier. I personally like ASTRO, they’re a great company that’s been around for a while, and you often find their headphones at gaming tournaments. 

If it’s good enough for the pro’s, it’s good enough for me. You can find ASTRO headsets on Amazon. 

ASTRO headsets on Amazon

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