Shopping on a budget isn’t fun, but we’ve all been there. Having to choose this over that in hopes of staying within budget, when you’d rather just throw it all away on things you want rather than need. Unfortunately, hygiene products are those necessities we can’t really live without. Well, unless you don’t mind smelling a bit on the rank side. But before you decide to spray yourself with Febreze so you don’t have to spend the money on hygiene products, here are some simple tricks to make the most out of your money on the things we don’t want, but need.

Coupons and Reward Programs

I know, it can be a bit embarrassing pulling out coupon after coupon when at the checkout line, and if you’re anything like me, you go to the self-checkout line so no one watches as I pull them out of my purse. But there are a ton of coupons you can get for hygiene products, and you can end up saving more than you thought. You can find dozens of coupons online or in the mail—those flimsy papers we all throw out—for all your hygiene needs. Those flimsy papers also hold all the sales on each item so you can price compare each store you shop at before actually stepping through the doors.

Just like coupons, signing up with reward programs will also get you great, affordable prices, and more times than not, it’s completely free. The loyalty programs grant you access to all their sales, and will save you a ton of money in the long run.

Dollar Shave Club

You’ve probably all heard of Dollar Shave Club, but most likely haven’t gone ahead and bought a subscription. But DSC is absolutely amazing when it comes to their prices and quality. We can all relate to holding out on changing our razor because of the astronomical prices at the store to replace the old ones, but with DSC, you don’t have to worry about those prices any longer. Not only are they cheaper than buying razors in store, but they’re delivered straight to your doorstep every month, or whenever you choose to receive them. You can go online and buy their starter set for $5 that includes a four pack razor cartridge, a razor handle, and a travel size shave butter. After that, you can customize what is sent to you every month—or however often you want— whether you just want a new razor cartridge or their shaving butter along with their razors.

Another great tip on keeping those razors lasting longer, is to keep them dry. Moisture dulls the blades and can shorten their lifespan, so by keeping them in a dry place when they aren’t being used, you can increase their lifespan for a great period of time.

Pharmacy Stores

Having to shop for all your needs at multiple stores can be a bit of a pain, but taking an extra trip to a pharmacy store for your hygiene needs is completely worth the time and money.

Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid are absolute gold mines when it comes to hygiene products. To get the products you need for super cheap, or even free, you can sign up for their rewards program, which is completely free, take their weekly sales ads to get coupons or to know when prices drop, and you can combine the items on sale with the coupons to make the prices go down even further. You won’t regret making an extra stop at the pharmacy store to get the products you need, and in most cities, pharmacy stores are everywhere.

Generic Over Brand Names

Hygiene products, regardless of price, typically get the job done, so why not go with the cheaper generic brands than the names brands? I mean, let’s be honest, a $3 dollar tube of deodorant is going to make your pits smell just as great as a $6 dollar tube. When you buy products solely because of the name, you have to remember you’re not paying more because it’s better quality, but you pay extra dollars for the brand name itself. Buying generic items will not only allow your money to go further but will get the job done, if not better, than expensive named items.

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